LG Showcase – LGE UK

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This showreel includes a series of clips using various elements created for use on the LG website as well as on their multi-screen displays in Harrods.

Segments from the original works are included, as well as some new tech-tests which make use of the original LG fridges, washing machines and phones.

toybot – Overman Productions Limited

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toybot was originally created for a short film about three years ago. This latest clip uses him (her/it?) for a short tech-test.

It’s hoped that toybot will finally find a home one day!

I, Hamish – Self Study Project

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This clip was made using a 3d scan of my own head, which took place whilst working on a project in Korea.

The title and setting were inspired by my repeated viewing of the classic BBC drama series, I, Claudius.


2 Responses to CGI

  1. Isaac says:

    Hi, I was wandering how you do use depth of field and focus in cinema 4d? Could you please reply? Thanks

    • hamsterizer says:

      Very late reply! In Cinema 4D or 3ds Max, I usually render a black and white ‘z-depth’ image and then add depth of field in Photoshop (using the map as a mask and blurring a layer) or After Effects (if it’s an animation). I recommend for excellent After Effects focus control. You can add depth of field to cameras in C4d/Max/Maya, but it just adds to the render time and you can’t tweak it without re-rendering.

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